man operating forklift carrying bundle of plastic lumber overhead

When it comes to factory settings, applications like cribbing, equipment mats, and pipe supports need a robust and durable building material. All of these types of applications require a building solution that has the strength of supporting heavy machinery and will not degrade, corrode, or rot. With these types of applications, traditional materials just don’t cut it.

Traditional building materials fall short in factory settings because they do not have the strength or durability required to handle factory requirements. Most traditional materials like wood have a shorter lifespan because they are susceptible to rot, mold, causing them to degrade faster over time. Building materials for factories need to be versatile to handle a range of factory demands. 

Wood is susceptible to moisture, fungi, insects, and termites; which results in high replacement costs and maintenance requirements. Concrete has low tensile strength that will crack and corrode over time. Aluminum is highly susceptible to corrosion, making it prone to deterioration and breaking. Carbon steel and stainless steel both contain iron which will eventually oxidize when exposed to the environment, creating rust. Due to these issues, using traditional materials for factory applications results in costly repairs and frequent maintenance.

Thankfully, there’s a long-lasting building material that will handle even the toughest factory application requirements. Structural recycled plastic lumber by Bedford Technology is made from recycled HDPE plastic in the USA. Bedford Technology products are manufactured to be a strong and durable solution that will not rot, mold, splinter, or degrade.

Bedford Technology’s plastic lumber will not absorb moisture or chemicals, will not harbor bacteria and can withstand extreme environments. Due to these reasons, plastic lumber is a great solution for factories that have humidity, moisture, corrosive chemicals, or food processing. With many profile sizes and lengths to choose from, Bedford Technology can easily meet your specific project requirements. Equip your factory with durable plastic lumber! Contact us today to get started.