Our HDPE plastic lumber is proven to be the stronger, durable option to protect bridge systems from vessels while remaining a low-maintenance, low-cost solution. Since our products will not rot, corrode, decay, and are impervious to marine borers, making the life-cycle cost is unbeatable. Here are three reasons why plastic lumber is a better building solution for your bridge system.

Bridges are often faced with a high volume of daily traffic from large vessels and boats. It’s important to use a building material that can protect your bridge system when it comes in contact with a vessel. SeaPile® and SeaTimber® manufactured by Bedford Technology, a Tangent Technologies company, are able to absorb impacts through recoverable deflection- minimizing force from vessels while keeping the vessel and bridge safe.

Engineered with fiberglass rebar and fiberglass strand, our SeaPile and SeaTimber products provide the durability necessary to meet bridge system needs. When using our plastic lumber, our customers can be confident that they’re investing in a long-term solution and not a band-aid fix. Our products have been the trusted marine solution for over 25 years! Take a look at how we helped bridge the gap for King County’s South Park Bridge project to see what our products can do.

Bridge protection systems commonly use wood or reinforced steel. However, these materials are susceptible to harsh marine environments and can break down, causing the need for constant repair. With plastic lumber by Bedford Technology, you won’t need to worry about rotted timbers or the elements. Our products are built to withstand mother nature and will not rot, corrode, or decay. Plus, they are proven to last longer than other common building materials. 

Contact us today and let us know how we can help protect your bridge system the right way, with structural recycled plastic lumber.