HDPE Fender

Our marine-grade plastic lumber has been a proven structural solution for the marine industry for over 25 years. With fendering systems, it is critical that building materials can weather the elements, maintain structural integrity, and last without frequent, costly repairs. Bedford Technology’s structural marine-grade plastic lumber is the perfect solution for marine fenders, learn why!

Marine-Grade Strength 

Bedford products are enhanced with blended glass fiber, fiberglass polymer rebar, and recycled plastic HDPE to ensure a top-quality product with superior marine-grade strength. The rebar is manufactured in-house and can be manufactured in sizes up to 1.75”, which allows us to further customize to fit your specific project need. Our products are tested against ASTM standards to ensure the highest-quality product. 

Absorbs High Impact

Our SeaPile® and SeaTimber® plastic lumber products can withstand heavy impacts by large vessels by absorbing energy through recoverable deflection. Due to the product’s smooth skin, impacts from barges, vessels, and boats are easily deterred without causing damage to the vessel or product. 

Long-Lasting & Cost-Effective

Our plastic lumber does not rot, mold, corrode or decay. It’s impenetrable to marine borers, mold, fungus, and crustaceans. This makes our product extremely long-lasting and cost-effective because it eliminates the need to repair or replace rotted timbers. Our products withstand harsh marine environments adding to its lifetime of service. 

Environmentally-Friendly Manufacturing

Manufactured using recycled HDPE plastic, our products are not treated with chemicals like traditional building materials are, so our boards do not leach chemicals into the environment. Additionally, we are a closed-loop manufacturer! This means we can take our waste and re-use it, again and again, to continue manufacturing our building materials- making us a virtually no-waste facility.

Make the switch to plastic lumber for your marine fenders

Our marine-grade plastic lumber can take a beating from the environment, vessels, and barges. SeaPile and SeaTimber are structural and long-lasting, even in harsh marine environments, creating an extremely durable and low-maintenance solution for marine projects. Make the switch to our structural marine-grade plastic lumber by giving us a call today!