Customer Service has always been an important part of the business. It’s origin dates back as far as 3000 BC. when trading was the main form of payment. As business and commerce evolved over the years, so has customer service.

At Bedford Technology, customer service is extremely important. The Bedford Difference is a three-part model that inspires us to consistently provide superior customer service and meet the changing needs of our customers to help solve their building and construction challenges.

Our Customer Service team at Bedford Technology has over 20 years of experience and is comprised of Tami, Corey and Megan. To help get a better understanding of The Bedford Difference, we sat down with them to discuss what customer service means, why it’s important and how we build and maintain customer relationships. Their insights are compiled below.

The Bedford Difference – What Superior Customer Service Means

Q: What does The Bedford Difference Mean to You?

A: The Bedford Difference combines product testing, value-engineering and one-to-one communication to create and nurture customer relationships. By doing this, we can efficiently and effectively find long-term solutions that suit specific project needs. Many departments work together to find these solutions, and we are the main point of contact between these departments and the customer. The one-to-one communication allows us to get a full understanding of specific project needs, make product line recommendations and use value-engineering to help save time and money while still meeting all project requirement and technical specifications   

Q: What are Your Primary Responsibilities?

A: Our primary responsibilities are to make sure everything runs smoothly; from initial contact to shipping to order completion, we are here to effectively and accurately get you the answers you need. At the end of the day, full customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal.

Q: What does Customer Service Mean to You?

A: Customer Service means fully understanding the need of the customer. This is done by listening, anticipating needs and a deep product and project knowledge to be able to assist the customer. It is someone who is friendly, willing to help and go the extra mile to get you everything you need. Sometimes it is hard to communicate exactly what is needed, and a lot of times our customers are inquiring about an interest or an idea. Customer service takes that idea and helps make it a reality.

Q: What is Your Favorite Part of Your Job?

A: Besides working with a great team, our favorite part of our job is to see the full project life-cycle. We get to work with our customers throughout the entire purchasing process, and the best part is seeing an interest turn into an amazing project. We get to work with our customers to expand and develop projects, to find the best solutions for their projects and to create relationships. We get to learn so much about our individual customers and it’s great to get to know them on a personal level. This also helps us improve our recommendations based on their needs and offer an even better experience the next time they call.

Q: How do You Partner with Customers to Achieve Optimal Outcomes?

A: The best way we partner with customers is by listening. We have the resources in our company to provide complete solutions, and we work with many departments to ensure project success and full customer satisfaction. Getting a deep understanding of project needs allows us to better serve our customers and even offer suggestions that they might not be aware of.

Q: What is the Most Common Question You get Asked, and How do You Respond?

A: Some of the most common questions have to do with production and lead times. It’s hard to give a “catch-all” answer because it really varies depending on specific project requirements, but once we get all of the information from the customer and are able to connect with the production and shipping departments, we can give more specific information. We also get asked about our product lines. Since we offer 7 product lines, each with unique performance characteristics, our job is to fully understand the project needs and recommend products based on technical specifications, timing and cost.

Q: What Sets Bedford Technology Apart from Other Companies?

A: Our team has over 20 years of combined experience at Bedford Technology. With a diverse background of experience ranging from production to specific product lines and industries, we have hands-on experience with the products. This provides customers with a knowledgeable expert who understands the products, the needs of the customer, specific project requirements and can effectively help create long-term solutions. The customer service team is the communication hub for numerous departments including engineering, shipping, production and sales.

Q: What Have You Learned in Your Time at Bedford Technology?

A: We have learned a lot over the years. Phone conversations can sometimes be tricky, and it can be difficult at times to have clear communication. We have learned that to deliver the best service to our customers, listening is the number one priority. We have learned to adapt and find ways to be more efficient and effective by asking very direct questions to fully understand the need and enhanced our product knowledge to not only serve our customers but to be an advocate for them.

Q: Final Thoughts?

A: We really enjoy our jobs, and working with customers and solving problems is very satisfying. We thank all of our customers and anyone who has called to inquire about our products for believing in our team to deliver superior customer service.

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