As the leading manufacturer of structural recycled plastic lumber, Bedford Technology has over 20 years of proven success in finding innovative solutions to solve construction challenges. These solutions provide long-lasting results that are driven by innovation.

Bedford Technology has grown and developed since the company was founded in 1998. The mission statement reflects the values our company holds and where the company is headed in the future.

Bedford Technology’s Mission Statement  

Bedford Technology Mission Statement

Superior customer service is an important aspect of our business. To learn about The Bedford Difference and how it encourages and nurtures long-lasting partnerships, click here.


SMARTER Principles

The company has also developed SMARTER Principles that help guide the everyday business practices that result in superior customer satisfaction and high-quality products so customers can achieve project success.

Bedford Technology promotes a safe work environment through workplace initiatives, focusing on getting our employees home safe every day. Motivation is encouraged in numerous ways like teamwork, trust, respect and professional development opportunities which promotes employees’ well-being. The company also focuses on innovative solutions for customers that continue to improve over time.

Another important value focuses on product development and excellence. This is all driven by our customers’ needs. Product enhancements and new product developments are achieved through a continuous improvement culture that is based around solving customer challenges. Having a dedicated engineering team focused on innovating the production of smarter plastic lumber drives us forward and into the future.    

With great success comes great responsibility. This includes acting responsibly towards customers, co-workers and Mother Nature. Bedford Technology deeply believes in manufacturing and promoting environmentally-friendly products. It not only helps protect and conserve the environment through using recycled material but also aims to educate consumers and allow them to also participate in green practices by offering an eco-friendly building material that is durable, low-maintenance and long-lasting.

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