SmarterFence™ by Bedford Technology

Smarter, Better, Stronger

SmarterFence™ by Bedford Technology, a Tangent Technologies company, is an ultra-strong and durable fencing solution that is built to last for generations to come. Developed, designed and tested by the engineers at Bedford Technology, this fencing system can withstand extreme weather environments and abuse from large animals.

This long-lasting fencing solution is manufactured using FiberForce® by Bedford Technology. This product is a strong and durable solution that contains fiberglass strand that is engineered throughout the product. This creates a structural recycled plastic composite building material that outperforms traditional fencing materials like wood, vinyl, metal and concrete.

SmarterFence HDPE structural Fence

Why SmarterFence™ by Bedford Technology?

Our innovative and ultra-durable fencing solution features our unique fastening method that makes installation a breeze.

SmarterFence™ by Bedford Technology has a technologically-advanced fastening system that accounts for potential expansion and contraction of the material (a common occurrence with all plastics). Our Gapping Tool™ includes exact measurements for temperature and hole placement, making installation a breeze.

SmarterFence™ by Bedford Technology is a truly low-maintenance fencing system. Not only can it stand up to abuse from large animals and insects, it also won’t rot or splinter over time due to harsh weather conditions.

Gone are the days of painting and replacing boards – SmarterFence™ doesn’t require painting or staining because the color is manufactured throughout the entire product and protected by UV inhibitors. And with the option to add wood-grain embossing, it’s like the real thing, but smarter.

agriculture fencing made with recycled plastic wood
profile lumber

Industry-Leading Warranty

Bedford Technology’s limited warranty protects against structural damage for a period of 50 years. SmarterFence™ combines the toughest fencing material on the market, an advanced fastening system and the industry-leading warranty, to make the smartest solution available.


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Ready to Install SmarterFence™ by Bedford Technology?

If you’re looking for a tougher, stronger and more durable fencing system, contact us today to learn more! We are here to answer all of your questions!