Equine Stable Plastic LumberThe good old-fashioned wooden fence has been staple in stables for hundreds of years.  Ease of access and the ability to yield under pressure without breaking were all desirable traits.  But today, veterinarians and horses owners are beginning to realize that, for many reasons, wood may no longer be the right nor safe choice.

Wood can split, fall down, warp; planks require frequent painting or sealing; nails can work themselves out; and termites and other critters can chew on them. In addition, wood can splinter and injure a horse either by fine splinters through rubbing or leaning, or by large, dangerous splinters driven in through a hard impact.

To make matters worse – horses have been known to chew on wood fencing.  Commonly referred to as “cribbing,” fence chewing is sometimes related to an underlying medical condition and other times a horse just likes to chew on wood.  And, horses who like to chew fences, can teach others to chew fences.  It can quickly turn into a costly epidemic of failed containment and horses with splinters and bad indigestion.

Metal fences, while arguably more durable are also more rigid and can cause injury to horses – plus – they can rust.  More recently, PVC has been a popular choice – as it is maintenance free, but it is also quite brittle.  When PVC breaks, it splinters resulting in dangerous shards that are sharp as glass.

Plastic Lumber – The Safer Large Animal Containment Solution.

Consider SelectForce® and FiberForce® plastic lumber from Bedford Technologies for your paddocks, stalls and other heavy-duty uses related to containing and transporting large animals. They’re superior to wood, healthier for animals and less expensive to maintain over time. Plus, you can drill and cut them the same as traditional building products.

Plastic lumber from Bedford Technology is made from sustainable, recycled plastic materials – like milk jugs – and they won’t rot, splinter, split, rust or fade.  And, since they are made from solid, impact resistant HDPE they discourage chewing and don’t harbor harmful bacterial like wood products.

SelectForce ® and FiberForce ®  have textured surface finishes and come in a variety of colors to keep your paddocks, pens, trailer beds and riding areas looking like new.  Build it once, build it right and keep your horses safe and secure with plastic lumber from Bedford Technology.

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