Grow Your Profits with HDPE Plastic Lumber

Vineyards need sturdy stakes or posts that can support the weight of the growing grapes. Vineyard trellises and stakes are used to create a sturdy environment for grapes to thrive and spread.

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Benefits of HDPE Plastic Lumber

Plastic lumber is impervious to rot, insects, moisture and mold. HDPE plastic lasts longer than traditional building materials because it can withstand the elements, won’t break due to high winds, and looks great. Not only will the stakes last longer, it can also help harvest more grapes because it has higher deflection properties than other materials. It’s sustainable and environmentally-friendly because Bedford products are engineered from post-consumer recyclables like milk jugs. HDPE plastic lumber won’t absorb or leach any chemicals, making it ideal for organic systems.

Why Traditional Building Materials Fall Short

Vineyard trellises and stakes are traditionally constructed using wood or metal. These materials will break down over time, and no one wants to lose money from the grape harvests because of repairs and replacements. Wooden posts can easily break, crack and rot with continuous exposure to grapevines and the outdoor elements. Metal can corrode, rust and break down over time, and can easily break or bend under pressure and weight from the growing grapes.

Our Products are a Solution, Not a Band-Aid

Perennial Products

Our products can withstand year round weather conditions. They can endure the harshest of environments including rain, snow, extreme heat and extreme cold.

High Quality

Due to our manufacturing process, the color is engineered throughout the entire process so you will never have to worry about painting, staining or sealing our products.

not chemically treated
Not Chemically-Treated

Our products simply don’t need to be chemically-treated like wood does. Our product will never rot, splinter or degrade over time like wood can.

Impervious to Moisture

You can be confident in Bedford products because they can withstand high levels of moisture and are resistant to marine borers and crustaceans.

Our Products in Action

Withstand the Wrath with Bedford Technology Plastic Lumber!

Treat your grapes to the best building material and call us today! We are here to answer any and all questions you may have!