Recycle, Reduce and Reuse with Plastic Lumber by Bedford Technology

Site amenities include waste and recycling receptacles, park benches and picnic tables. Waste and recycling receptacles allow visitors to properly dispose of trash and recyclables, and are placed throughout parks and other nature areas. Park benches provide a place to rest, talk and meet, and are often placed along nature trails and on the edges of parks. Picnic tables provide a place for visitors to eat, rest and relax, and are often found in public park areas and near playgrounds.

recycled plastic wood bench and trash can outdoors

Important things to consider when selecting a material include the environment the project will be installed in, maintenance costs and time, green building, aesthetics and durability. These applications are often left outdoors year-round and must be able to withstand the weather conditions in that particular area. They should also be built to last with little to no maintenance and they must be aesthetically pleasing.

Green building is an important initiative that encourages companies to help protect and conserve the environment. This is achieved by implementing environmentally-friendly building practices into construction projects like using clean building materials that don’t pollute Mother Nature. Durability is especially important for these projects because they remain outdoors year round and encounter all types of weather conditions. Being able to withstand extreme temperatures and high moisture will increase the project life-cycle and ROI.

Traditional building materials like wood and metal can break down over time, causing the need for repairs or replacement. Animals can chew on wood, causing it to splinter or break, and harsh weather environments like rain, snow and extreme heat and cold can deteriorate traditional materials. To keep up appearances, traditional wood can be painted, stained and chemically-treated, but this requires consistent maintenance, which can be quite expensive and timely over the project life-cycle.

hdpe plastic lumber fiber force product profile

Consider Using Recycled Plastic Lumber

Recycled plastic lumber is a great wood-alternative for site amenities, picnic tables and park benches because it is truly low-maintenance. Plastic lumber won’t rot, splinter or degrade and doesn’t require painting or staining because the color is engineered with UV inhibitors throughout the entire product during the manufacturing process. HDPE plastic lumber is graffiti-resistant and can easily be cleaned with soap and water. This product comes in many different colors and profiles lengths and sizes to accommodate the project design, and it cuts, drills and fastens like traditional wood for a familiar and easy installation process.

Our Products are a Solution, Not a Band-Aid

Perennial Products

Our products can withstand year round weather conditions. They can endure the harshest of environments including rain, snow, extreme heat and extreme cold.

High Quality

Due to our manufacturing process, the color is engineered throughout the entire process so you will never have to worry about painting, staining or sealing our products.

not chemically treated
Not Chemically-Treated

Our products simply don’t need to be chemically-treated like wood does. Our product will never rot, splinter or degrade over time like wood can.

Impervious to Moisture

You can be confident in Bedford products because they can withstand high levels of moisture and are resistant to marine borers and crustaceans.

Our Products in Action

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