Use an Environmentally-Friendly Building Material that Lasts

Harvesting oysters is an aqua farming operation that provides not only a food source but is also a beneficial component in the underwater environment that can improve water quality. Oysters are farmed with posts that are driven into the seabed. High tension wire is fastened to the poles, nets are then suspended from the high tension wire. The oysters are kept in these nets as a safe place to grow and eventually harvest.

recycled plastic oyster poles sticking out of the water
hdpe plastic lumber fiber force product profile

Benefits of Plastic Lumber

HDPE plastic lumber is an environmentally-friendly building material that is manufactured from post-consumer recyclables, and is recyclable itself. It is a heavy-duty building material that doesn’t rot, mold or break down from consistent exposure to moisture. Plastic lumber doesn’t need to be chemically-treated, so it won’t leach harmful substances into the water, and is resistant to chemicals found in seawater like potassium and magnesium. It can withstand extreme moisture and absorb energy from waves and still remain intact.

Why Traditional Building Materials Fall Short

Traditional building materials like wood and metal can pollute the water with chemicals and will deteriorate over time. Wooden posts will break down, splinter and crack from the moisture exposure and will cost more money for repairs and replacement. This can also disrupt the aquafarming process. Metal will corrode and rust, which can leach chemicals into the water.

Our Products are a Solution, Not a Band-Aid

Perennial Products

Our products can withstand year round weather conditions. They can endure the harshest of environments including rain, snow, extreme heat and extreme cold.

High Quality

Due to our manufacturing process, the color is engineered throughout the entire process so you will never have to worry about painting, staining or sealing our products.

not chemically treated
Not Chemically-Treated

Our products simply don’t need to be chemically-treated like wood does. Our product will never rot, splinter or degrade over time like wood can.

Impervious to Moisture

You can be confident in Bedford products because they can withstand high levels of moisture and are resistant to marine borers and crustaceans.

Aquafarm the Right Way with Bedford Technology Structural Plastic Lumber

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