Environmentally friendly, long-lasting, tough composite plastic lumber.

Marine infrastructure applications take quite a beating both from Mother Nature and boats, vessels and barges. Finding a sturdy and durable product for high-moisture environments can be difficult. Structurally-engineered marine-grade plastic lumber acts as a great alternative to traditional wood, metal, and concrete because it can stand up in harsh environments.

Benefits/Features of Structural Recycled Plastic Lumber

Recycled plastic lumber products by Bedford Technology, a Tangent Technologies company, are manufactured using a unique process that is fully environmentally-friendly, as it utilizes materials manufactured from recycled HDPE, like milk jugs. Bedford Technology’s products are non-polluting and won’t leach harmful chemicals. Our marine-grade plastic lumber is also resistant to marine borers and mold so they will withstand high moisture levels. They can be pile driven, sawn and drilled like traditional wood for easy installation and these products will withstand the test of time.

Bedford Technology Marine Product Lines

Proven for long-term strength and durability in a variety of marine applications, Bedford Technology products are manufactured to last. Bedford Technology offers four product lines that are focused on meeting the specialized needs of the marine industry.

fiber force

FiberForce® by Bedford Technology utilizes fiberglass strands to increase rigidity. This added rigidity creates characteristics suited for many structural applications where a wider span, dimensional stability or increased flexural strength is required. Due to the increased strength and its resistance to environmental elements, structural recycled HDPE plastic lumber is well suited for marine applications where structural support or load bearing is required. Choose Bedford Technology’s FiberForce® as the marine plastic lumber building material for your upcoming project.

fiber force
bar force

BarForce® by Bedford Technology is an industrial-strength commercial grade product that is reinforced with fiber polymer rebar which increases rigidity and dimensional stability. This product line is best-suited for projects requiring additional structural integrity.

bar force

SeaPile® and SeaTimber® by Bedford Technology are fortified with fiber-reinforced polymer rebar, making it ideal for heavy-duty applications in the marine industry. Engineered using our Multi-X Technology, these products can withstand heavy impacts by absorption of energy through recoverable deflection and do not leach chemicals.

bar force

Marine Industry Applications

Longevity and durability are requirements for all marine industry projects. Marine-grade plastic lumber products by Bedford Technology provide long-lasting structural support for in-water and on-shore applications. Here are a few of the applications that Bedford Technology’s structural plastic lumber is perfectly suited for:

Marina Substructure

Substructure applications used in the marine industry include whales, decks, dock, and pier substructures. These applications provide support for boards and structures that go on top and can be found below or above ground level. In the marine industry, substructures also help protect the products from direct exposure to extreme moisture. It’s important to invest in a solid substructure that will last. With the Bedford Technology warranty on all of our product lines, you can be rest assured that the project will last. Our plastic retaining walls, planks, and other marine plastic lumber building materials are designed to withstand extreme moisture.

Shoreline Maintenance

This includes groynes, retaining walls and wave attenuation. Groynes are used as a barrier to protect from erosion and drifting. Retaining walls also protect against erosion and are commonly used where elevation changes occur. Wave attenuation applications help regulate the energy that is produced by waves in marinas or along a shoreline and can be constructed as a low wall or fencing system.

Light-Duty Piling

Small water piles are used as a foundation to support light-duty loads of piers and wharves. These piles offer durability and sustainability and protect structures from damage from barges and vessels. Bedford Technology marine plastic lumber products will not rot, corrode or decay, and are proven to hold up in extreme environments and saltwater. Because of these qualities, our marine plastic boards and planks are ideal for extreme-moisture applications.

Fender Piling

Fender piles are used to help guide boats and other vessels and are generally constructed beside ferry slips and wharves. These piles act as a buffer to absorb and dissipate the impact energy of the vessel and provide a barrier to prevent the vessel from going underneath the pier.

Dolphin Clusters

Dolphins are groups of piles that are placed near piers and wharves that help guide vessels away from structures, or to serve as mooring points. They are also used to hold navigational aids and signage. Our marine plastic lumber is perfect for dolphin clusters.

Bridge Pier Protection

Bridge pier protection includes piles and dolphins to create structures that guide vessels into a channel and away from bridge supports. These are generally lines of piles or fencing systems located in high-impact zones. With a low friction coefficient, the bumps and scrapes of vessels will not affect our plastic lumber like it does traditional wooden timbers.

Navigational Aids

Navigational aids are markers that guide ships through water. Examples include support lights, day beacons, fog signals and radar beacons.

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