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Dolphins are marine structures that provide pier protection from vessels and barges and serve as a mooring point and hold navigational aids, safety information and in some cases, advertising. They are typically constructed using multiple piles and are installed offshore.

Dolphins are located partially under water and require a building material that is structurally sturdy, low-maintenance and easy to install. Traditional building materials like wood, metal and concrete can break down over time, causing the need for repairs and replacement. Chemicals found in seawater, like calcium and potassium, can eat away at wood timbers and concrete, causing them to splinter or crack, and metal can corrode and rust when exposed to consistent moisture. Not only does the material break down over time, but it also leeches chemicals into the water that can harm sea life and deteriorate drinking water safety.

Finding a durable building material that can hold up in wet environments and has structural performance characteristics can be challenging, especially with traditional building materials that can fall short. Recycled plastic lumber is a great alternative to traditional building materials that will meet all dolphin project requirements.

hdpe plastic lumber fiber force product profile

Structural Recycled HDPE Plastic Lumber Benefits

Recycled plastic lumber products by Bedford Technology are an environmentally-friendly building material that can be recycled after the project has reached the end of its life-cycle. They are manufactured from recycled HDPE, like milk jugs. Bedford Technology’s products are non-polluting and won’t leach harmful chemicals into the water. Resistant to marine borers, mold and chemicals, plastic lumber will withstand high moisture levels and is non-leaching. They can also be pile driven, sawn and drilled like traditional wood for easy installation. Using plastic lumber will increase your project life-cycle because it is a durable and long-lasting material.

Our Products are a Solution, Not a Band-Aid

Perennial Products

Our products can withstand year round weather conditions. They can endure the harshest of environments including rain, snow, extreme heat and extreme cold.

High Quality

Due to our manufacturing process, the color is engineered throughout the entire process so you will never have to worry about painting, staining or sealing our products.

not chemically treated
Not Chemically-Treated

Our products simply don’t need to be chemically-treated like wood does. Our product will never rot, splinter or degrade over time like wood can.

Impervious to Moisture

You can be confident in Bedford products because they can withstand high levels of moisture and are resistant to marine borers and crustaceans.

Our Products in Action

Use Recycled HDPE Plastic Lumber to Increase ROI and Longevity

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