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Looking for more information about Bedford Technology? Download installation guides, fact sheets, product brochures and more. We’re collecting the most detailed information about our products for you to share with your customers. Check back often for newly added information.

Market Brochures

Agriculture Flyer
Boardwalk Flyer
Fencing Market Flyer
Industrial Market Flyer
Landscaping, Parks and Rec Flyer
Large Animal and Equine Flyer
Marine Flyer
Piling Flyer
Playground Flyer
Substructure Flyer
Vineyards Flyer
OEM Flyer
OEM Flyer

Product Brochures

Bedford Technology Product Brochure
BarForce Brochure
Marine Brochure
SmarterFence™ Buyers Guide
SmarterFence™ Installation Guide
Cribbing Flyer

Case Studies

Technical Information

SelectForce & FiberForce Technical Manual
SelectForce Molded Technical Data
SelectForceXD Technical Data
FiberForce & BarForce Plastic Material Properties
FiberForce Size Chart
BarForce Size Chart
Barforce Technical Manual
SeaPile Datasheet
BarForce Pile Datasheet
FiberForce Pile Datasheet
BarForce® Timber Datasheet
SeaTimber Datasheet
Technical Data Terminology
SelectForce Extruded Size Chart
Certificate of Conformity
SelectForce Molded Manual
FiberForce Molded Manual
Design Guide and Terminology

Installation Guides

Cutting and Drilling Recommendations
SelectForce Installation Guide
FiberForce Installation Guide
Marine Design Guide
Marine Guide – Piers and Boardwalks

Warranty Information

SelectForce Warranty
FiberForce Warranty
BarForce Warranty
SeaPile & SeaTimber Limited Warranty
ForeSite Warranty
Presale Terms of Sales 4-25-17


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