– Provide direction and assistance as needed with material mixing, secondary work, cutting boards, operating the extruder line, or material handling in order to meet production schedules. 2%
– Provide direction and assistance as needed with color changes, mold changes, material changes, end of run, or process changes to meet production schedules. 2%
– Provide direction to ensure that production processes and finished goods meet the company’s standards for Quality.10%
– Supervise any part-time and full-time personnel that may be assigned to the supervisors working shift. 30%
– To work, and direct personnel to work, safely; following legislated, and Bedford Technology, safety rules and practices. 10%
– To ensure that the Policies and Procedures of the company are followed by supervised employees. 2%
– To support open communications among all departments emphasizing a team approach. Convey and support a sense of community, commitment and respect with all employees 2%
– Lead and assist activities and events to implement “Lean” improvements 10%
– Ensure accurate time-keeping records are maintained for all supervised staff. 10%
– Perform annual Employee Performance Evaluations on supervised staff. 5%
– Ensure that all required training of new employees is completed. 15%
– Perform any other task or work assignment that may be delegated from time to time by the President. 2%

Education Required: High School Preferred: Some College.
Experience Demonstrated ability to supervise production personnel in a manufacturing environment.
Skills / Knowledge / Abilities
– Ability to work well with people in a supervisory position.
– Ability to communicate verbally and in writing with all levels of employees and management.
– Ability to obtain valid operators license for operating lift trucks
– Ability to meet the physical requirements as outlined in the physical screening hiring process.
– Standing, stooping, bending, lifting, carrying, pulling and pushing to perform job requirements.
– Ability to lift up to 50 pounds.
– Demonstrated ability to perform the necessary mathematical computations to verify that jobs are set up properly for meeting production schedules.

– Targeted Production and Productivity goals are met or exceeded.
– Agreed delivery dates are met.
– Quality of work done as measured by defect rates, level of rework, returns and customer complaints.
– Ability to motivate staff in exceeding performance goals and building team-work.
– Demonstrated capacity and ability to solve problems and provide technical guidance to staff.
– The effectiveness of Good Housekeeping Practices as measured by the state of organization, cleanliness and discipline in operational area.

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