A good outdoor bench provides a comfortable place to sit and enhances the appearance of the area it is placed in. It can easily fit in on a cozy porch, a yard, a public park, or in front of a commercial building. When building an outdoor bench, there are also several different materials you may choose from. To help you decide what suits your projects and inform you of what’s out there, we’re providing this guide for choosing the right outdoor bench material.


Wood is aesthetically pleasing because of its natural coloration and grain patterns. Along with this comes a greater demand for maintenance, however. You should usually seal wooden benches with varnish or special paint to protect them from the elements. Since there are so many species of trees, you have many options with wood material. Try to choose a wood that is more durable so that the bench will last a long time. Pine, cedar, and teak are examples of durable wood.


Metal is perhaps the smoothest of the outdoor bench materials. Aluminum and iron are the most common types of metals used, and both can be formed into beautiful decorative shapes. Of course, you can always make a plainer metal bench composed of more straight lines if you wish. The metal used for benches is also water-resistant, so you’ll only perform minimal upkeep.

Resin Wicker

Benches have been made of plant fibers woven onto wicker in the past, but they have been largely replaced with plastic wicker. This is because normal wicker is easily damaged by water and humidity. Resin wicker gives you the same unique interlaced appearance without this drawback. It is usually made of HDPE plastic, which makes it recyclable and easy to clean.

Plastic Wood

Like resin wicker, plastic wood is comprised of HDPE and provides an alternative to a plant-based material, which in this case is wood. Plastic wood comes in many colors and can have patterns molded onto its surface, enabling it to effectively mimic wood’s appearance. It is inherently durable and does not break down in the presence of water. On top of this, plastic wood is made of recycled HDPE, so it is environmentally friendly.

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