We live in a world where personalization and customization are no longer “add ons”, but rather expectations. Companies must continually offer customized solutions to keep up with current buying trends and stay ahead of the competition. In fact, according to a 2017 online survey conducted by Epsilon, 80% of consumers are more likely to do business with a company if it offers personalized experiences.

Bedford Technology provides innovative and complete solutions (which often includes customization) for its customers. One size does not fit all, and the ability to customize and personalize recycled plastic lumber materials for specific project requirements is an important aspect of our business. Bedford Technology manufactures the toughest HDPE recycled plastic lumber products on the market, but also has the capacity and capability to perform secondary work on lumber profiles. The two main types of customization offered are custom molded parts and secondary work.

Custom Molded Parts

The capability to create custom molded parts is made possible by the Hard Tool process. This produces solid parts that provide more stability and weight, making it easier to fasten and connect to. This process allows for unique application design shapes and profiles, without stifling creative flow.

Before deciding whether or not to utilize custom molded parts for your finished project, first consider the scope of the project. Also, make sure that the custom molded part aligns with project goals, timeline and costs. Finally, understand the need or benefit of using custom molded parts, and ensure that the performance properties of the custom molded part(s) still meet project requirements. This can be accomplished through engineering analysis and data. Bedford Technology’s in-house engineering team will evaluate detailed specifications and performance requirements before creating molds or prototypes to ensure project design and build success.

Secondary Work Services

Wood-finishing aspects like drilling and embossing can also be performed on structural recycled plastic lumber. Providing these services offers many benefits to the end-customer including saving time and money, adding value to the finished product with aesthetic and functional appeal.

Drilling & Cutting

5-Rail Fencing System


Drilling and cutting can save time and money for installation. Pre-drilled holes will ensure the correct size and placement. It can also help preserve your tools and machinery, by having someone else do the work for you. Bedford Technology pre-drills holes for all types of applications including fencing systems, boardwalks and substructure and marine docks and piers.

Counter boring

Hockey Rink Bench


Counter boring is a bit more complex than drilling and cutting. A counter bore hole is typically used when a fastener must sit flush or below-level of the product’s surface. This can enhance aesthetic appeal of any project and create a clean look while hiding the fasteners. Picnic tables, benches and other outdoor furniture utilize this service to help reduce uneven surfaces.


Embossed Profile


There is something about the look and feel of traditional wood. The texture adds aesthetic elegance to any application, and for boardwalks and decking it also enhances friction performance characteristics that can reduce slipping. With embossing services available, structural recycled plastic lumber can mimic real wood and still give you benefits: no rotting, splintering, extremely durable in harsh environments and long-lasting.

Computer Numerical Control (CNC)

Bedford Technology Sign


Bedford Technology offers CNC engraving options. This can also include epoxy to help the engravings stand out. With this technology, the sky’s the limit. Typical applications that utilize this service are personalized benches, signage, golf course and trail markers.  


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