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3 Ways to Create Environmentally Friendly Playground Equipment

As global conversations surrounding environmentalism continues to build momentum, entities both large and small are looking into ways that they can act as good environmental stewards in order to ensure that future generations are able to live and thrive on this planet. One way that this conversation has cropped up is in changing the designs of new public works projects such as playgrounds to be more environmentally friendly. Today, we'll…

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Low Maintenance Playground Equipment Is a Great Option!

It is possible to have low-maintenance playground equipment. A lot of HOA’s are hesitant to designate a playground area for residents. They do not want to take the plunge and buy playground equipment because they do not want to add on to the maintenance duties already involved in managing corporate property. Low maintenance playground equipment is the solution. A designated play area for kids that is outfitted with a playground…

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How To Avoid High Fence Repair Costs

Updating any part of your home can come with surprisingly high costs, and this is especially the case when it comes to landscaping. Your yard has a massive impact on your home's ultimate value, and a messy yard can even keep you from selling your home. Having a well-kept fence is one way to improve your landscaping's appearance, but maintaining or even repairing your fence might take money you don't…

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Five Places to Put Recycled Plastic Landscape Timbers to Use

In the span of a mere 10 years, plastic production grew globally from 225 million tons to 311 million tons. The jump between 2004 and 2014 is quite a significant one, emphasizing an increase in population and an increase in plastic products. While there is a certain level of speculation about plastic products and the environment, the long-term benefits of recycled plastic landscape timbers cannot be overstated. There are dozens…

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3 Things to Consider When Choosing Lumber

With an ever-increasing focus on green, environmentally friendly practices, many individuals and organizations are moving away from traditional lumber and going for plastic lumber to build their structures. Plastic lumber has several benefits in addition to the benefits for the environment, and a well-known brand like SelectForce plastic lumber is used more and more frequently in construction of all kinds. Environmental Considerations Plastic lumber is made from recycled materials, and…

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