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Executive Changes at Bedford Technology Announced

Bedford Technology announced today that it has promoted Jeff Breitzman to the role of Chief Executive Officer and President.  Bedford hired Breitzman in 2010 as Chief Operating Officer as part of a long term succession plan for the senior management team.  Breitzman was promoted to the position of President in 2015.   Bedford’s founder and former CEO, Brian Larsen intends to cut back his day to day involvement in the business…

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Searching for Manufacturing Reps across the US…

Bedford Technology is actively searching for new independent representation in our Hard Tool product line across the United States. We are in need of manufacturing representatives (plastic experience preferred) that have time and energy to invest promoting our high-end recycled HDPE plastic lumber product.  We currently have openings in several regions and a variety of industries with which you can specialize ie; parks and recreation, marine, industrial, animal health, vineyard,…

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series of recycled plastic vineyard posts

Why not vineyard-ag posts made with Recycled Plastic Lumber?

An application that started as a “Why Not?” concept, really began to take off mid-way through 2015, as we were researching new markets for Bedford Technology.  Through this brainstorming of other high impact markets and studying the markets current methods and alternatives we developed a strategy to break into this vineyard or ag post market.  We then began reaching out within that market with emails & phone calls, asking what…

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sandy stair steps made out of recycled plastic wood

Why Not Stair Treads? – resurfaced with Recycled Plastic Lumber

Another application that created some good buzz last year was stair treads in apartment/housing property outdoor stair applications.  We saw increased sales and interest in replacing cracked, chipped and broken stair treads that were originally made of concrete, wood, stone or steel.  Keeping the same framing and substructure, these apartment complexes were able to salvage some of the cost of replacing the entire stairs, by just replacing the tread itself…

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Why Not? – Recycled Plastic Lumber

This blog covers a phrase that has been growing strength internally within our company and is now being extended to the general public…that being Why Not? - Plastic Lumber.  We have been asking ourselves for many years…why not use plastic lumber in certain applications.  This grew last year into an internal marketing campaign where we asked our employees to submit their ideas and photos for a contest. Out of this…

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