Bedford Technology has the capability to create custom molded parts and this blog will offer more explanation and information about this exciting process.  Our custom molding process can produce thick, non-rectangular (custom) parts, when coupled to molds similar to typical injection molds. Thick wall parts mean a heavier weight which makes them more stable and easier to fasten and connect to. The custom molding process allows for: relatively low cost tooling, moderate piece part cost and a low to moderate volume product. Bedford Technology prides ourselves on our ability to design custom shapes or profiles, by utilizing our proprietary engineered technology.  Whether it is a new design or secondary work, our skilled sales and engineering team are here to serve you.  Work with us to solve your specific need.  The only limitation is the limits of our collective imaginations.

The process for deciding on a custom molded part include first looking at the scope of the project.  Evaluating its end potential and the need or benefit of designing a custom molded part. Secondly, we look at whether this is a one-time purchase or will it be an ongoing residual order of product. The cost will be affected and determined primarily off of this key component. Thirdly, we evaluate detailed engineering specifications or drawings.  Before beginning to produce any piece we evaluate all angles and possibilities before making molds or prototypes.

Bedford Technology has produced a variety of custom molded parts in the past including: hexagonal molds, “C” frames, “T” frames, roofing boards, bollards, wedges, bike curbs,  speed bumps, parking curbs, bench ends, round lids, square lids, as well as many others. We have the tooling, engineering department and knowledge, and the capability to produce any size, shape or design (some limitations do apply – contact a sales representative for more information or details.)

Bedford Technology is a unique company that offers three distinct plastic lumber manufacturing techniques: Molded (Hard Tool), Continuous Extrusion (CE) and Multi Stage Extrusion (Multi-X). Within these very unique processes Bedford also has a wide range of brands that include: SelectForce®, FiberForce®, BarForce®, SeaPile®, SeaTimber® andSeaCamel®. Each of these exclusive brands offer an alternative solution to standard wood lumber profiles in the marketplace today. Bedford Technology has the plastic lumber solution for your project or application and the secondary work to finish it off right!  Give Bedford Technology a call or visit our website today and experience the Bedford difference!

Bedford Technology’s plastic lumber serves as a replacement to traditional wood profiles, wood piles, concrete piles, steel piles and hollow piles (fiberglass). Contact Bedford Technology today at (800) 721-9037 and talk with one of our knowledgeable sales representatives. Visit us online at www.bedfordtech.comand sign up for our email list, “Like” us on Facebook at follow us on Twitter at