When it comes to what kind of flooring you choose to put in your trailer, you have some possible choices. For each potential material that you look over, consider which has the most characteristics that align with your preferences. Some may have a great appearance to you, some may be easier to maintain, and others may be more hardy. This is our quick guide to trailer deck options.


It seems that with many structural and design elements, wood is a conventional choice, and trailer decking is no different. The variety that is commonly used for this purpose is southern yellow pine. This is due to its fast growth rate and general high availability all over the country. Southern yellow pine is also relatively sturdy and can be treated so that it does not decay—though it can warp.

Another species popular for trailer floors is rough oak. The main strength of this wood is its durability, which exceeds pine’s. A tradeoff you make for this, though, is less complete absorption of chemical treatments. It is ideal if you are using your trailer for the transportation of heavy equipment, particularly those with treads.


There are also rubber mats that you can lay down on the bottom of a trailer. These are highly hard-wearing and can last a long time. Due to the compressible properties of rubber, it can act as an effective cushion for hefty machinery as well, protecting the trailer frame effectively. Rubber is furthermore simple to keep clean and provides good traction. You might lean towards it if you plan on moving animals in the trailer. However, rubber can be heavy, which will lower the maximum load the trailer can carry.

Plastic Lumber

As a substitute for wood, you may choose plastic lumber. This alternative material provides the look of wood without many of its drawbacks. Plastic lumber boards can be cut to the dimensions you need for the deck like normal wood boards and can possess the color and grain patterns of wood as well. At the same time, they will not rot with exposure to water and small decomposing organisms, like insects, will not eat at them. Thus, you don’t need to treat plastic lumber in any way. It is also tough and can be further reinforced with fiberglass for more rigidity, depending on your needs.

Bedford Technology is a leader among recycled plastic board suppliers and we are committed to bringing you a building material that has good looks while standing up to the demands you place on it. Call us if you’re interested in using plastic lumber for your trailer decking.