Building and construction projects serve a purpose, no matter the industry. The purpose can alleviate an existing or potential problem and range from simple to complex. While these projects solve problems on a larger scale, plastic lumber is a problem-solver for common building material challenges in the construction industry. Using plastic lumber will give you a leg-up above other traditional building materials that can fall short, and help you avoid potential project failure.

5 Ways Plastic Lumber is a Problem-Solver

1) Plastic Lumber is Low-Maintenance

Structural recycled plastic lumber is a truly low-maintenance building material in that it doesn’t require upkeep after project completion. Low-maintenance building materials solve the problem of future maintenance expenses and time after installation. Plastic lumber will not rot, splinter, crack or mold like traditional building materials. It also doesn’t need to be painted or stained to keep up appearances because the color is engineered throughout the board with UV inhibitors.

2) Plastic Lumber is Versatile

Plastic lumber is not only an extremely durable building material, but it is also versatile. Building projects require different performance characteristics and technical properties depending on the application, and plastic lumber composite building materials come in a variety of product lines that offer different degrees of strength and rigidity. Fiberglass reinforced plastic lumber offers more structural stability and flexural strength properties that are often required in heavy-duty construction projects. Not only does the versatility of plastic lumber allow it to be used in more applications, but it can also make the project easier to manage by using fewer suppliers and building materials.

3) Plastic Lumber can Outlast Mother Nature

Plastic lumber can withstand harsh weather environments like constant moisture (or submersion in water) and extreme temperature fluctuations. It solves the issue of potential project failure from Mother Nature. Sometimes environmental conditions aren’t factored into project plans and can decrease the project life-cycle when these conditions do occur. Using traditional building materials like wood, metal and concrete can increase the potential for future maintenance because they will break down due to extreme weather conditions.

4) Plastic Lumber Comes in Many Colors and Profile Lengths and Sizes

With plastic lumber, the sky’s the limit. Not only is it available in varying degrees of rigidity, but it also comes in many colors, profile lengths and sizes. This helps solve common design and build challenges where traditional building materials may fall short because of the material’s natural limitations like length or color. Using plastic lumber offers flexibility due to its large variety of profiles and colors that can be suited for your specific project. Looking for a particular color? You can choose from one of the 45 color options of plastic lumber offered by Bedford Technology, or you can even color-match a specific color for your project*.

5) Plastic Lumber is Environmentally-Friendly

Plastic lumber is manufactured from post-consumer and post-industrial HDPE plastic recyclables like milk jugs and laundry detergent bottles keeping millions of pounds of plastic out of landfills. At the end of the project life-cycle, it can also be recycled again. Plastic lumber is environmentally-friendly and doesn’t have harmful effects on the environment, like other traditional building materials. Oftentimes wood is painted or stained, and this can leach into soil and water and contaminate the environment. Metal will rust and corrode when exposed to moisture over time, and these chemicals can also cause harmful effects.   

Become a Project Champion with Bedford Technology

Using plastic lumber as an alternative to traditional building materials will solve many common design and build problems, but you can go one step further by partnering with Bedford Technology.

Value-Engineering – the engineering experts at Bedford Technology can evaluate project designs to make sure that the specific technical and performance characteristics are met using our plastic lumber. Having a second set of eyes on the project design will help set you up for project success.

The Bedford Difference – Along with the value-engineering services, the Bedford Difference includes extremely knowledgeable and helpful customer service professionals that are there to help you find the right product for your project. Bedford Technology has also spent countless hours testing our products against over 15 ASTM Standards to ensure that our materials are high-quality, and meet project requirements.

Industry-Leading Limited Warranty – For many product lines, Bedford Technology offers an industry-leading limited warranty of 50 years. That way, you can build it and forget it.

Become the Project Hero with Bedford Technology Recycled Plastic Lumber!

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