For over 20 years, Bedford Technology has focused on continued product development to manufacture smarter lumber for your building projects. Our products provide a safe and durable alternative to traditional building materials like wood, metal and concrete. Here are 5 undeniable reasons why you should be using Bedford Technology’s Plastic Lumber products in all of your commercial building projects:

#1: Durability:

Wood can mold, rot and is susceptible to insects and boring animals. Plastic Lumber avoids all of those things! We use three different processes to manufacture our products: HardTool, Continuous Extrusion and Multi-X Technology. While these processes each yield different characteristics, all finished products come in standard and custom profiles sizes and will not rot, splinter, corrode or decay making our plastic lumber extremely durable. Additional materials like UV stabilizers and colorant are added during each process so the end-product contains consistent color and texture throughout.

#2: Low Maintenance and Long Life Expectancy:

Since our product does not surrender to the elements, it is extremely low maintenance and has a long-life expectancy with a 50 year warranty on FiberForce® and SelectForce®. Plus, Bedford Technology products are resistant to cases like graffiti vandalism since paint can be washed right off!

#3: It’s Smarter Lumber!

Our plastic lumber products can be used as fencing, paddocks, stalls or other heavy-duty uses. Our products can withstand extreme heat, cold and moisture without degrading. Traditional wood materials in these types of environments can succumb to the elements over time and be a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses, which is why our plastic lumber is the better choice in helping to keep your animals safe and healthy.

#4: Non-toxic and chemical free:

Our products use recycled plastics, regionally sourced, and are free from harmful chemicals, preservatives and stains that traditional building materials (like wood) need to have to prolong its lifecycle.

#5: Environmentally Friendly:

We help save hundreds of millions of pounds of plastic from entering our environment by reusing consumer and industrial recycled plastic. In an effort to become a zero waste facility, we continually reuse our own waste material as well!