As the weather turns to spring, new life sprouts up all around us. We can finally see grass instead of mounds of snow and trees flowers are starting to blossom. Where patios were once bare, we start to see them coming back to life with furniture and decorations. It’s true, outdoor patios are in full bloom and are ready for people to relax, get outdoors and enjoy the nicer weather.

Every year we look forward to the weather turning warmer, and we also look forward to the future of outdoor furniture trends. The following five trends are especially popular this year.

5 Outdoor Furniture Trends in 2019:

  1. Transitional Spaces
  2. Design
  3. Materials
  4. Textures
  5. Colors

Transitional Spaces – More Room Indoors and Out

Outdoor and indoor living spaces used to be designated as such: indoor or outdoor. In 2019, a popular trend is blurring the lines between outdoor and indoor areas to maximize living spaces. This is accomplished by creating transitional living places that can be utilized year-round. More businesses are using transitional structures like pergolas, shade covers, firepits and folding walls to expand living areas and decorating outdoor spaces similar to indoor spaces like living and dining rooms.

Design – Functionality and Mobility is a Must

When it comes to design, 2019 is all about mobility and functionality. Outdoor furniture designers are creating pieces that can be easily moved and rearranged like sectionals and modular pieces to provide freedom of layout and design to consumers. Add functionality with benches that include storage areas, daybeds and multipurpose pieces. Using durable building materials ensure that the outdoor furniture can be left outside year-round without getting damaged from the different types of weather conditions.

Materials – Environmentally-Friendly and Durable

Consumers are more eco-conscious than ever before, and this notion is full-steam ahead. One way that outdoor furniture can be labeled “eco-friendly” is by using an environmentally-friendly building material. Designers are stepping up to the challenge and providing high-quality furniture pieces manufactured from environmentally-friendly building materials like HDPE plastic lumber, stainless steel with a high amount of recyclable content and hardwoods like teak and cedar that come from sustainably managed forests. A recent survey shows that consumers are willing to spend more money on furnishings that are deemed eco-friendly.

Textures – The More the Merrier

Textures help provide seamless transitions between living spaces, tie modern designs together and add unique aesthetics to outdoor living areas. Using a combination of materials in one furniture piece offers different textures and mixing materials (like wood and metal, for example) provide a unique look and feel. Sleek and matte textures like metal and wood are popular and woven textures like that of rope, wicker and jute accents are becoming increasingly popular in furniture design.

Colors – Earthy with Bright Accents

A popular color scheme for 2019 includes earth tones (browns, greys, tans) with accent colors of blues and greens. Metallic colors like gold, silver and bronze are also popular and reflect modern and industrial themes, while white is a popular color used for modern living. Bright pops of color are “in” and can be achieved with throw pillows and cushions, or with a bright colored chair or accent table to add the eye-catching color.

How to Easily Become a 2019 Trendsetter with Plastic Lumber

With all of these new trends hitting the scene for 2019, you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed. Never fear! You can easily become a trendsetter by using an environmentally-friendly building material: HDPE plastic lumber. Plastic lumber is a wood-alternative building material that hits all the “trends”.

  1. It is a durable material that can outlast whatever Mother Nature can throw at it; rain, extreme heat, or snow. It can remain outdoors year-round and will not crack, splinter, rot or degrade. It is also low-maintenance in that it does not require consistent upkeep and repairs from season to season. Outdoor furniture manufactured out of plastic lumber will remain intact for generations.
  2. Use plastic lumber in combination with metal or other traditional materials for a modern look that can easily transition between outdoor and indoor living spaces.
  3. HDPE plastic lumber is manufactured using post-consumer and post-industrial recyclables like milk jugs and laundry detergent bottles. It is repurposed into an ultra-strong building material that will last for generations (on a patio, rather than in a landfill).
  4. With plastic lumber, you can emboss it to add texture like wood-grain to make it appear like traditional wood. It can be paired with metal and other materials to add flair to any patio furniture set.
  5. Available in over 40 colors, HDPE plastic lumber can easily match the desired color scheme of your outdoor living space. Have a specific color in mind?

Bedford Technology Furniture-Grade Plastic Lumber Products

Bedford Technology is the leading manufacturer of recycled plastic lumber with over 20 years of proven success. While Bedford Technology offers seven product lines of structural recycled HDPE plastic lumber, there are two product lines that are best-suited for outdoor furniture applications.

SelectForce® – SelectForce® by Bedford Technology is the staple HDPE product, which provides the foundation for our other product lines. It has a smooth texture which is ideal for outdoor furniture and will outlast even the harshest weather conditions, so it can be left outdoors year-round. It is easy to work with and is truly low-maintenance.

FiberForce® – FiberForce® by Bedford Technology is manufactured with fiberglass strand for added strength and rigidity. It is ideal for structural applications like arboretums, shade fences and walls and has a stone design finish which adds a bit of texture to the surface.

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