Supplying Recycled Plastic Lumber Solutions

For a More Sustainable World

Bedford Technology, a Tangent Technologies company, is the leading manufacturer of premium, structural and reinforced recycled plastic lumber and HDPE lumber for commercial markets, including marine, agriculture, industrial, and other outdoor markets. Our structural plastic lumber and HDPE lumber are a durable and environmentally friendly solution for even your toughest projects. We have years of trusted experience as a plastic lumber manufacturer, and our products have been used across a variety of industries that require low-maintenance and structural building materials that can stand up to even the harshest conditions. Click here for a quote—we can’t wait to help you create your next amazing project. Contact us today to learn about our structural composite lumber, boards, and planks—as well as the multitudes of commercial applications for our recycled plastic lumber. Let us show you why we are the world’s best manufacturer of alternative building materials.


Perfect for non-weight bearing applications, like signage, site amenities, and playground components

Reinforced for weight-bearing applications, like substructures, retaining walls, and cribbing

The Difference You Can See

Our structural recycled plastic lumber boards are created with the needs of our customers in mind. Our boards exhibit the benefits they want with the structural and durable nature they need to craft their final products. We believe in manufacturing high-quality boards that will last for generations to come.

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    Perennial Products

Our products can withstand year round weather and endure the harshest of environments.

Color Safe Technology

Our products keep their color due to our Color Safe Technology to ensure your products keep their color and continue to shine for years to come.


Our products can easily be cleaned with soap and water; truly making it a low-maintenance product.


Our boards will never rot, splinter, or degrade. They are resistant to termites, mold, chemicals, salt, and oils.

Markets We Serve

As the leading supplier of recycled plastic lumber for commercial markets, Bedford Technology, a Tangent Technologies company, is proud to supply a wide variety of markets with our innovative and long-lasting material. With eight product lines to choose from with varying of structural strength, we are able to tailor products to each customer’s needs.

Sea wall in Oakland made with structural plastic lumber


Nothing challenges building materials like marine use- ports, wharves, piers, piles, fenders, and more. Structurally engineered plastic lumber acts as a great alternative to traditional wood, metal and concrete because it can stand up in harsh environments. Our SeaPile®, SeaTimber® , and BarForce®  products dominate this highly technical market.

plastic lumber fencing at Griffith Park


Fencing systems are meant to be long-term solutions that protect, set boundaries and have a certain aesthetic appeal. Our recycled plastic fencing solutions are low-maintenance, durable and beautiful. If you’re looking for a multi-generational solution that is built to last, discover the smarter fencing system by Bedford Technology, a Tangent Technologies company.

plastic lumber boardwalk over small lake

Parks & Rec / Landscaping

Choose an environmentally-friendly and durable building material for your outdoor,  landscaping, and park and rec projects. Ideal for use in a wide variety of applications- from borders to raised beds and retaining walls- our plastic lumber is the most cost-effective, innovative and durable parks and recreation landscaping solution on the market.

sheet cribbing made with recycled plastic lumber

OEM Manufacturing

In the market for materials to help improve your manufacturing operation and factory? Look no further. Our materials outlast wood and other materials due to its long-lasting durability. We custom manufacture the pieces you need to meet your project specifications.

plastic lumber industrial cribbing


Anything’s possible for projects using dimensional plastic lumber thanks to higher quality and durability far exceeding wood or wood composites. No matter what you make, move, protect or distribute, structural recycled plastic lumber by Bedford Technology does the job better. Plastic lumber has the strength for heavy loads and is built to withstand harsh environments.

plastic lumber vineyard post


It’s time to raise the stakes! Impervious to rot, insects, bacteria, moisture and mold, plastic lumber outperforms any other material for a variety of agricultural uses. Perfect for use as vineyard posts and stakes, fencing, trellising, potato flumes, and side boards in barns, our material will outlast any elements mother nature or your agricultural operation can throw at it.

Horse stalls made with plastic lumber

Large Animal & Equine

Contain, corral and protect your animals using a durable and strong building material that won’t harm them or the environment. Choose our SelectForce® and FiberForce®  products for paddocks, posts, trailer beds, fencing, and other heavy-duty uses. Our recycled plastic lumber is superior to wood, healthier for your animals and less expensive to maintain over time.

children's playground made with recycled plastic lumber


Playgrounds should be a neighborhood safe-haven for children to play, be outside, and let their imaginations run wild. These recreational areas need to be structurally sound and well maintained, where the aesthetic helps spark creativity and fun, with plastic lumber, play structures can do all this and much more.

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