The Bedford Difference

Bedford Technology isn't your typical recycled plastic products manufacturer. Our team of creative problem solvers is constantly innovating new ways to transform recycled material into durable, weather resistant, environmentally conscious product. The only thing stronger than our fiber reinforced plastic is our dedication to you, our customer.

Bedford Technology works directly within the commercial market, at the present time we do not service the residential market. 

Our Latest News

Recycled Plastic Lumber…The Gift that Keeps on Giving!

The holiday season is not always the best time to be spreading the word about “saving the trees”, but the other 364 days of the year, it is a selling point that most of us consider when purchasing products for our home, business or family.  With that in mind, allow us to expand on a great alternative to wood in many applications…Recycled HDPE Plastic Lumber!

Bedford Technology’s BARFORCE®  Hard Tool Recycled Plastic Lumber Products

This blog will cover Hard Tool (molded) recycled plastic lumber products and applications in the BARFORCE® brand.

BARFORCE® Hard Tool recycled plastic lumber is an ultra-strong, durable product utilizing fiberglass strands in the plastic makeup, which encapsulate fiberglass reinforced rods to increase rigidity. This added rigidity creates characteristics suited for many structural applications where a wider span, dimensional stability, increased strength or stiffness is required. BARFORCE® Hard Tool HDPE plastic lumber is formed in molds in various traditional lumber profile sizes. (See our Hard Tool (Molded) process for more details on the actual process) This product is a coarse, rigid and rough textured material in appearance and feel. This makes it great for projects requiring particular lumber profile sizing and added strength characteristics over traditional Continuous Extruded products.

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